“raffle conductor“: DANFI Hair Products Ltd.


“Participant”: the raffle is open for every person who have a DAFNI’s code Card, that can be found at selected hairdressers, and purchased one or more of DAFNI’s products throw DAFNI’s UK website.

In each purchase the purchaser will be entitled to enter the list of names from which DAFNI’s representative will choose the winner.

After every raffle the name list will be reset. To enter the next raffle a participant should purchase another product from DAFNY’s web site.


” raffle “: the participants can enter the raffle


“Award / prize”: a 100£ voucher to buy DAFNI’s hair products on DAFNI UK website only


“Length of raffle”: The first raffle will be held on 1/11/18 and will be repeated every three mounts for a year. The raffle conductor can extend or shorten the length of raffle at to its own exclusive discretion.


Declaration of winners:

The Declaration will be made by sending a winning e mail to the winner

The winner will be picked by MR Roee minis at DAFNI’S London office, and will be randomly chosen from the list of names.

The voucher will be sent by the Royal Mail up to 5 days after the winner declaration.


Participation in the raffle:

The participants do not have to agree to the said in the regulations, however, if they do not agree, they are not permitted to participate.

The raffle conductor reserves the right to change any of the directions of the regulations at any given time, and without having to announce it, except the publication on the updated regulations at theraffle conductor’s website. The responsibility for knowing the regulations, as it is at all given times is on the participant.

At any case where a participant breaks the regulations and/or one of their commitments to the raffle conductor or the website raffle, DAFNI will be permitted to cancel him participation and/or win.

A participant in the raffle concedes any demand and/or complaints and/or claim against DAFNI in advance, as specified above.


Privacy policy:

The raffle conductor and/or the website operator will not transfer to a third party the personal information of the participants, except the following cases:

  1. If the action in necessary for the purposes of service provision for the raffle.
  2. If the raffle conductor/ website operator receives a judicial warrant which orders it to transfer the information of and about the participants to a third party.
  3. At any case where the raffle conductor/ website operator assumes that transmitting the information is necessary to prevent a serious damage to a participant’s body or property.

The raffle conductor applies information security systems and regulations. While these systems and regulations minimize the threat of unauthorized invasion to the data that will be collected during the raffle, there is no complete guarantee. Therefore, the raffle conductor does not guarantee that the participation in the raffle will be completely immune to an unauthorized access to the information gathered throughout it.

DAFNI reserves the right to use the winner’s name and photograph for promotional purposes.


Locating the winners:

The identification of the winners will be done by sending an E MAIL to the e mail address that the participant entered when registering the raffle. The participant will be needed to contact DAFNI’s representative by sending a respond e mail or calling 0800 43 -32364

In case the winner does not contact the raffle conductor within 72 hours from the time of the request and/or the designated winner does not comply with the terms of participation, the winner will be disqualified and DAFNI will attempt contacting the runner up. This direction will be applied accordingly if the second winner is disqualified and so on, until a winner is found among the list of runner ups. The lottery conductor will be permitted to extend the location of the winners, in accordance to its exclusive discretion.

If the aforementioned winner-list is finished before the determination of a winner, the prize would not be given away to another participant.

A winning candidate who was not located and/or did not comply with the terms and regulations – his win will be disqualified and he will not be eligible to any compensation.


The prize:

The prize is a 100£ voucher that can be spent in DAFNI’s UK website only and to existing stock only.

The prize is individual and cannot be transferred

An item purchased through the 100£  prize will be fully charged and no offer will apply on it.

The 100£ voucher will be valid to a period of six months.

Winning prize is possible only for those who comply with the terms and regulations.

For the avoidance of doubt it is clarified that in a case where the prize winner does not comply with the terms and regulations and/or gave up their prize for their own reasons, DAFNI will be permitted to give the prize to another participant. The prize winner who gave up the prize or did not comply with the terms and regulations will not be able to raise any rule and/or complaint and/or claim against DAFNI and/or anyone on its behalf for not giving them the prize.

DAFNI will be permitted to disqualify, according to its own discretion, a designated winner that was not located and/or not signed the letter of agreement, and the designated winner will not be eligible to receive any compensation.

DAFNI reserves the right to determine the time of final implementation of the prize without objection. Prize win as part of the raffle is personal and is not transferrable. The prize cannot be changed or converted without the prior agreement of DAFNI and with its exclusive discretion.

DAFNI reserves the right to change the prize for any reason and at any time and/or stipulate the prize on conditions, provided that a notice is given to the participants.

Without subtracting from these regulations and any law, DAFNI will be eligible to not give the prize to a person who has reached it by a felony or an illegal deed, at any aspect.

DAFNI reserves the right to determine the method of delivering the prize, whether by certified mail and/or courier and/or any other method that the raffle conductor finds fit.




The regulations are available in DAFNI offices as well as in DAFNI’s website.

In taking part in the raffle, the participant agrees and declares that he read the regulations and he accept upon them its direction, and even if he did not read the regulations, the participant agrees that the regulations will be applied to him/her and will be binding in each and every manner.

DAFNI and/or anyone of its behalf is not responsible and will not be responsible in any way to the proper function of the internet, the electricity and/or any infrastructure or communication network, including any of their components, and will not be liable to breaks, disruptions, disconnections, damages, expenses, profit preventions, etc. that may be caused to the participant in relation to the participations in the lottery, and/or indirectly.

Should a mishap of any kind occurs, including but not limited to the communication network and/or the  website, that has the ability to affect directly and/or indirectly on the proper conduction of the  raffle in any way, or to prevent those who wish to participate from taking part in the raffle , the participants will not have any complaints and/or demand and/or claim towards the lottery conductor and/or Sachi. The raffle conductor will not bear or be required to bear, and not compensate or be required to compensate any participant for any expense and/or direct and/or indirect damage, including resulting damage that was caused to his due to him participation in the raffle

DAFNI is permitted to stop and/or cancel its terms (reasonable changes) in these regulations for any reason, according to its own discretion.

DAFNI will be the final adjudicator in any matter regarding the raffle and in any question that may rise throughout it and/or in relation to any mishap and/or issue and/or unexpected situation that comes up during the raffle, whether these were explicitly specified in these regulations and the participant will not have any complaints on the matter.

Any kind of tax, reduction or demand for tax payment will apply to the winner and will be on their expense and responsibility only. DAFNI will be permitted to transfer the tax authorities, if required by law, the details of the winner and/or withholding tax at source. The contestants hereby grant their permission to DAFNI and/or anyone on its behalf to offset, deduct or reduce any required payment, according to the law. DAFNI and/or anyone on its behalf will not bear any tax payment regarding to the win.

The said in the aforementioned regulations is in masculine tongue was done for convenience only, and it is clarified that all of the mentions in this document in masculine tongue applies to all genders.

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for anything regarding these regulations and/or for any dispute between a participant and DAFNI and/or anyone on its behalf about the lottery will be the city of London and there will not be another jurisdiction in any other place in the

For more details and information please call 0800 43 -32364