How is the DAFNI brush different from existing hair straighteners?

Brushing is the ultimate, most intuitive way to self-style your hair. With the DAFNI brush it is natural and convenient to reach and style every strand of hair on your head. Not to mention it is gentler and safer for your hair than flat ironing.

The DAFNI brush is designed with a unique 3D surface that is wider than that of a traditional straightener, allowing it to styles large strands of hair with each brushstroke and reducing the time it takes to straighten your hair by as much as 10 times. If you normally take up to 30 minutes to style your hair, DAFNI can get the job done in about 2-3 minutes. If it takes you 45 minute, with DAFNI you will achieve a polished look in about 5-6 minutes. Shocking, we know, but it DOES work. Try for yourself!

What is the recommended way to use the brush?

Brushing is the most natural and intuitive way to style hair. Thanks to the ceramic coating and the protective structure of the brush you can use DAFNI exactly as you would a regular brush with no fear of burning your scalp.
To enjoy great results with DAFNI follow these three simple rules:
USE ONLY ON DRY BRUSHED HAIR. (we do NOT recommend using the brush on moist or moisturized hair)
BRUSH SLOWLY IN A PULLING MOTION. (Remember DAFNI isn’t an ordinary brush, the pace should enable the hair to properly absorb the heat, about the same pace you would use an iron)
MAKE SURE YOUR HAIR GETS DEEP INTO THE INNER (purple) AREA OF THE BRUSH. (You can use the other hand to assist by tugging on the hair).

Can I really straighten my entire hair in 2-3 minutes?

You absolutely can! This is one of DAFNI’s clear advantages over existing hair tools.

The duration depends on your hair type. Average straightening with DAFNI takes about 3 minutes, about tenth of the average duration with a traditional straightener.

Should I worry about burning my scalp?

The (purple) ceramic surface heats up to 185 degrees, avoid direct contact when it is hot. For your safety, the ceramic structure is surrounded by plastic heat insulated bristles and if you look at the purple ceramic surface you will notice that on top of each tooth is placed a springy (black) insulator that allow you to brush from the root while touching the scalp worry free.

Is the brush ceramic?

Yes, the brush consists of top quality ceramic materials. (The purple surface is the ceramic surface)

What are the springy plastics on top of the hot teeth for?

The springy insulators protect the scalp from the heat and enable soft and convenient brushing. However, direct contact with the (purple) ceramic body should be avoided.

How long does it take the brush to heat up?

DAFNI brush heats up to 185 degrees (365 Fahrenheit), its working temperature, in less than a minute.

How much power does the DAFNI brush use with comparison to other straighteners?

DAFNI uses 10 times the power of the average straightener. DAFNI uses this power to sustains a uniform temperature while brushing, assuring high quality straightening throughout the brushing, from roots to tips.

How long is the cable?

The cable is 2.2 meters long.

What is DAFNI’s working temperature and can I change it?

DAFNI brush reaches 185 degrees (365 Fahrenheit). This temperature was carefully chosen after an extensive investigation of the straightening field. This temperature is the best for high quality, long lasting straightening results as well as hair vitality and health preservation.

Does the DAFNI brush damage the hair?

DAFNI is safer than most other straighteners thanks to the optimal working temperature of 185 degrees, which provides high quality, lasting results.
Furthermore, when you run your hair through DAFNI’s bristles the hair’s cloak remains unharmed, unlike when using a flat iron.

Does DAFNI suit all hair types?

The DAFNI brush is built to straighten a large range of hair types. Some hair types may require more time to fully straighten. DAFNI will provide dramatically shorter straightening process and an easier, more pleasant experience for each and every hair type.

Can I use DAFNI on wet or moist hair?

DAFNI should be used only on dry brushed hair. The DAFNI brush is a quality hair straightener and is should only be used for this purpose.  The hair should also be clean of moisturizers and all other chemicals which aren’t approved for usage with heat.

Can I use DAFNI in a wet environment like a shower?

DAFNI, like all electric appliances, is NOT to be used in a wet environment.

How can I clean my DAFNI brush?

If necessary, the DAFNI brush can be cleaned when it is cold and disconnected from the socket. With the ceramic part facing the floor, use a damp cloth (or a tooth brush) to clean.

Where can I get service for the DAFNI brush in need of repair?

Within the warranty period you can approach the store where you bought your DAFNI.

Can I shape my hair tips with the brush?

Using the brush you can shape the hair inwards and outwards. (video soon)

What is the different between DAFNI and imitations?

DAFNI original brush has heat resistance scalp protecting, safety tips designed for a comfortable treatment. In imitations, the brush is made by generic heating element that break easily. DAFNI brush has anti- static outer bristle and 3D ceramic heat cooling surface. Imitations usually use silicone tips cover hard bristles that fall off, get caught or even pull out hair. DAFNI brush is made by heat resistance materials used by the US army and NASA. The imitations are made of bad quality ceramic plate that can melt and burn your hair easily. DAFNI has 15 minutes’ automatic shut down for safety and approved device testing: CE, ETL, cETL, SII, RCM, CB, RoHs Imitations has no certification electrical or safety testing which is very dangerous to consumers.

Where can I get a DAFNI?

Press this link: and find your DAFNI on the globus