My Vow for Mother’s day

Before being passionate about ideas, inventions and quotes I am the lucky mother of two precious girls.

Since I became a mom I have been asking myself “how can I empower my girls to know they are so much more than they’re waist size, so much more than their eye color, height and nose structure?”

In the world of gigantic billboards that celebrate the perfect 36-24-36 5”10 amazons, how can I teach my girls to be empowered by their real selves (5”10 is not in their mama’s genes, carbs however, definitely are).

How can I teach my daughters to really believe in clichés like “size doesn’t matter” and “beauty comes from within”?

So, this is my vow to my one-year-old and 2 and a half years old beautiful girls.

Dear daughters, to you I vow to:

Love my body as it is.

Accept my little Jewish nose.

Always remind you it is OK to be imperfect, flaws can be beautiful, flaws can tell a story, flaws are opportunities!!

I would have never invented a hair straightening brush if my hair was naturally perfect; we would have never had Spanx if (my Idol!) Sara Blakely was a classic Super Model.

Not every woman can be 5”10, not all of us are born with perfect noses BUT all women are beautiful, all mothers have super powers. No number, no grade and not even a shoe size can define who we are.

It is in your hands my beloved girls to always be grateful for what you have and who you are.

I once read the best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother and I say the best thing a mother can do for her daughters is to love herself.
Without doubt this is my life’s biggest mission; I want you to know that beauty is achievable, it is not a question of one size up or down, confidence comes from within and that you have the power to be whoever you choose to be.

Love you like crazy.

Your 5″3, quite thin yet not athletic, Jewish nosed, great hair when DAFNI’ed, mom.

#ChooseToBeChosen #ChooseLove #ChooseDAFNI