No Pain No Gain

I feel like I have been planning these words for four years, since the days when DAFNI was a dream or

even insanity.

Being an entrepreneur to me is like stopping everything you are doing and start dancing in the street.

The world keeps moving, people move on and up the corporate ladders, and don’t understand what or

even why you are doing. I think the hardest part is the small talk “so what are you doing?” is the

questions I dreaded most. It is not trivial to explain you haven’t started working yet, because you are

developing something with your father, and are dedicating a few months (years!) to it. “Is that all you

are doing?” is the following dreaded question, the answer must be in a proud tone “yes”. The hardest

part of being an entrepreneur is to decide to BET ON YOURSELF. But it is also the most courageous,

rewarding, self-evolving experience in the world (second only to motherhood).

Like every idea, DAFNI began with a problem. Mine. When I was 24 I had a (too) short haircut. After a

few polite non flattering remarks, (Wow! You’re brave), I joined the club and bought a straightener, I

couldn’t believe how hard it was to get my hair done with these two ironing plates. Back then I was

studying about multicore computer processors and how some things can be done in parallel as long as

there are not dependent. I was sitting in class thinking, there must be a way to do my hair faster, why

should I take small strands at a time? The hair is not dependent… I spoke to my father about it, a senior

engineer and the smartest man I know, and he said, let’s make a brush. “A brush?!” he didn’t wait to

convince me and made a terrible looking mockup from things he acquired from a local hardware store

(like the CPU’s heatsink); as my hair went through that mockup (very inconveniently) I’ve realized we are

on the verge of a breakthrough (I mean really, the patent for the flat iron is from 1909!).

It took us three years of learning, trying, failing, optimizing and trying again (and a whole lot of “so, what

are you doing??), before we could launch our brush and name it after my younger sister, Dafni.

DAFNI was designed with love and passion for perfection, to liberate all women from the burden of

spending hours doing their hair every week, and constantly worrying about its appearance. Because with

DAFNI, it is easier (what’s more intuitive than brushing?), faster (5 minutes if you are a rookie), and safer

(uniform temperature of 185 Celsius/ 365 Fahrenheit) to get the confidence boost a great hair can give

and we all need.

Thank you for taking the time to read through, I hope you to will find in DAFNI a new best friend and

encourage you to go for your dreams, once you start turning them into plans, they will become reality.

xo Sharon